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FIORI 181-M18+CKE 4341+CKE6009+CKE1136
FIORI 181(M22 L-BROWN)+GT094LBFIORI 181-M18+CKE 4341+CKE6009+CKE1136FIORI 181-M19+AS012+FR1


Material : Fabric UPH cushion with Walnut wood leg
Color : Grey (M18), Red (M19), Light Brown (M22)
Size :

1S-SOFA  L690 x D770 x H820
2S-SOFA L1240 x D770 x H820
3S-SOFA L1670 x D770 x H820
M3 : 1S – 0.280 / 2S – 0.800 / 3S – 1.020
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